The bamboo cane is a natural product widely used in agriculture as a system to fasten all kinds of plants.

Depending on the type of plant to be tutored, as well as its type of growth and vegetative state we will use different lengths and calibers.

The calibers refer to the measure included in the thickest end of the cane, if we use a 12/14 caliber cane, we are talking about a diameter in the thickest part of the cane from 12 to 14 mm, in relation to the height when talking about a cane of 150 12/14 we mean 150 cm high.

The lengths can range from 60 cm, up to 5 meters and the diameters go from 6/8 mm to 30/38 mm.

  • To tutor small diameters we will use the tutor of Chineseorigin, which is a weaker cane, lighter and at the same time more empty than Thai.
  • To tutor medium and large diameters and if the tutor has to make an important effort, it is advisable to use bamboo of Thai origin because it is stronger and the cane section is more solid.

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